Zakatify: Muslim Caring and Giving Network

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 World 1st Zakat-based Community Network For Business: Add your own or friend’s business listing. Give priority to buy Muslim products or services!   For Non Gov Organisations: Share the NGO activities through nice photos and articles. We help you gain more exposure to the public and get donation!   For Zakat Authorities: InshaAllah our small effort make easier for payer to pay zakat! Prioritize Our Daily Spending Please share this thought ...

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Tunas Mekar Project

The Tunas Mekar Project, an initiative of former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is a smart partnership arrangement between Bumiputera graduates and SME entrepreneurs. Its two main objectives are to improve the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises and to expose graduates, especially those from local universities, to the world of entrepreneurship. “Graduates are placed with SMEs as apprentices for one year, where they will learn new management techniques. At the same time, they will gain valuable hands-on experiences that will help them later on in their own...

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