5 Technology Trends to Watch

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The Consumer Electronics Association unveiled its annual look forward to the most promising tech developments of the year. Because technology evolves so quickly, nailing down trends with staying power is no easy task. Even so, a few underlying movements are so big that they’re impossible to ignore. Courtesy of Companies From left to right: Fab@Home 3D Printer, Jawbone JAMBOX, iPad On Monday, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) identified a few of these key tech trends based on consumer market research. The company released the 2013 edition of its annual Five Technology Trends...

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Zakatify: Muslim Caring and Giving Network

 World 1st Zakat-based Community Network For Business: Add your own or friend’s business listing. Give priority to buy Muslim products or services!   For Non Gov Organisations: Share the NGO activities through nice photos and articles. We help you gain more exposure to the public and get donation!   For Zakat Authorities: InshaAllah our small effort make easier for payer to pay zakat! Prioritize Our Daily Spending Please share this thought ...

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Japan Ori: Authentic Japan Goods!

Japan Ori presents items that are practical for daily use, superbly well made, completely authentic, and good examples of Japanese design. Items you’ll be happy to use decades from now. We carefully select every item on the site from the craftspeople, artists and small manufacturerswho form the backbone of our cultural life. We aim to sell not just objects but the cultural values embodied in them. www.japanori.com

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